BOAO, one of the top ten famous Chinese parking facility brands
    Compared with the tridimensional parking history for about three or four decades in Europe, Japan, Korea and etc., the tridimensional parking industry in China is still at a early stage of rapid development.
Currently, the land price in most of the cities in China is very high and the tridimensional parking development comes as an effective method to solve the public problem of parking difficulty in many cities. Many cities have started to develop this new-generation public facility, i.e. tridimensional parking lots. Public units like high-rise residential building, hotel, restaurant, hospital etc. are accepting and starting the application of mechanical dimensional parking facility. The tridimensional parking facility manufacturing industry in China starts to turn on a thriving development tend.
    The company started the research in manufacturing of tridimensional parking facility in 1999, which gained a great historical opportunity for the company. Due to the company’s advanced research and development and manufacturing and service advantages, the BOAO-brand products have passed various national strict certifications and enjoyed good reputation among customers and positive recognition in the same industry. In 2006, BOAO was granted with the title “Top Ten Parking Facility Brand in China”.

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